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Hydrate and feed your pet on-the-go with City Pet Water Bottle. It's never been easier and more convenient than this modular bottle design. It gives pet owners flexibility to carry water, food, or even stacks for the beloved pet. Pet owners can carry them as individually or together!




One-Hand Watering:  Has a press and holds water dispensing button allowing for reversible functionality. If your pets don't finish their water, simply press and hold the button and refill with the unused water.


Easy to Use: The bowl makes it easy for your pets to drink from, as it has been designed with a drinking arc that allows dogs of all sizes to stay hydrated. 


Food and Water: The bottle is designed to be modular so that you can have a separate compartment for water and for food/snacks. You can also add additional modules as needed. 


Anti-Leak: The bottle can be locked while not in use preventing accidental leakages. Additionally, the water outlet has been designed to prevent the growth of bacteria.

City Pet Water Bottle

$36.00 Regular Price
$22.00Sale Price

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