Melatonin Diffuser with Sweet Honey Lavender


We have combined some very subtle flavors, herbs, essential oils, and vitamins, which will soothe the soul, freshen the mouth, and steady your mind, so that a restful sleep and dreams may follow.  The Peace & Harmony Melatonin Diffuser is enhanced with 5mg of Melatonin, B12 and Vitamin-C for the perfect night's sleep.  Melatonin is the human body's natural sleep ingredient. 


The soft but powerful floral aromatherapy stick diffuses lavender essential oil waters mixed with honey waters designed to help mellow your soul and the air surrounding your bed so you can get a good night's sleep.  This formula is part of our inhalable flower waters line.  Our natural sleep aide edition includes a tiny hint of mint essential oils to help combat bad morning breath and germs. 

This product is best used as part of your bed-time routine, in and around your bed.  If you are sharing your bed with a partner, they will love the sweet honey lavender vitamin water vapors that will fill the air with an amazing aromatherapy effect. 


Recommended usage: 5 to 25 inhalations within an hour or less of bedtime.  Or if you wake through the night, tossing and turning, a few light inhalations may help calm your mind.


You can also blow through the front side of the sick, without ever inhaling it, and use it like a regular essential oil diffuser.  This is the best method to instantly fill the air in any space with soothing aromatherapy for you and your loved ones.


Peace & Harmony Melatonin Diffuser

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