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Yoga Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can be complicated and you can spend a lifetime learning all the different ways your body and emotions are affected by scent.  There are many websites that can help you on that journey, this page is a practical guide on a simple way to use scented candles during your yoga workout. 

Simple Aromatherapy

There are two ways to use a scented candle in your workout.  The easiest is to light up a scented candle that you like and let the positivity of enjoying the smell roll into your workout.  This is the simplest and fastest way to enjoy yoga aromatherapy.   You select candles based on smells you like and you can try different scents every time. 

Elevated Aromatherapy

If you’re willing to invest a little extra effort, you can significantly improve the impact of aromatherapy on your workout.  At its core, the strategy is to use the same scent every time you have a particular workout.  Over time your body learns to associate how you feel after the workout with the candle scent.  You can even have different scents for different workouts.  For example, if you light a Ylang-Ylang/Frankincense candle every time you are working out to relieve stress and anxiety, your body will learn to react to that scent by calming the mind, just like the workout calmed the mind. Some believe the scent matters, but, in reality, it can be any scent you like and as long as you use the same one every time, it works. 

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